Community & Work Disparities
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Percentage with Disabilities in Washington

Percentage with Disabilities in Washington Counties have been grouped using the US state quartile ranges and Washington is in the third quartile with a value of 12.5%. The following cities in Washington have the value, Seattle 9.4%, Spokane 15.8% & Tacoma 15.0%.Percentage with Disabilities Seattle, 9.4%Spokane, 15.8%Tacoma, 15.0%

Data source. , American Community Survey (ACS), 5 year Estimates. Table S1810, disability characteristics.
Calculation. Total population with a disability divided by total population.

Percentage of Total Population with Disabilities by Region
RegionPercentage with Disabilities
United States12.5%
Percentage of Total Population with DisabilitiesPercentage of Total Population with DisabilitiesA bar chart listed in descending orderSpokane    15.8Tacoma    15.0Washington    12.8United States    12.5Seattle    9.40%5%10%15%